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It’s time again for another installment of “Flags of the World” from the BestFlag team. We thought this time it would be best if we talked about the northernmost flag of the world, just because it gets us a little bit closer to Santa Clause’s territory, the North Pole. We looked for the history of the flag of the North Pole, but we couldn’t find it. We’re sorry to disappoint the children. Instead, gather around and we’ll tell you all we know about the North Pole’s neighbor, Greenland.

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Alright, let’s talk about the Greenland flag.

Like many of the northern countries, the Greenlandian flag is red and white. This flag features two horizontal bands of white with and red, with an intersecting circle, offset to the left. In this circle, the colors are swapped, with the top half of the disk being red and the bottom white, while the top half of the flag is white, and the bottom red.

Interestingly enough, the Greenlandian flag is the only national Nordic country or territory that does not have a Nordic cross on its flag. Way to stay strong, Greenland.

The Greenlandian flag is very young, being officially adopted in 1985.

The flag’s creator, Thue Christiansen, said the flag represents the glacier ice cap, which covers 80% of the island, and the setting sun reflected over the arctic sea. 

And now you know just a little bit more about Santa’s neighbor, Greenland.

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