Garden Flags: Ideas And Tips For Making Your Own

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Custom Garden Flag

Is your garden calling out for some extra flair, extra colour, extra interest? 

No matter how green or flower-filled your outdoor area is, displaying your personality and purpose can really add a whole new element to your home! One fantastic way to do this is to use garden flags. They also make a lovely gift.

Making a garden flag can be a great project to take on. Whether that means pulling out your needle and thread or sewing machine, or chatting to the Best Flag team, there are many ways to bring your garden flag ideas to life!

Learning how to make garden flags or designing one with us can be awesome for creating a unique garden. Read on find out how to develop a great flag for your garden. 

 What Is A Garden Flag?

A garden flag is as it sounds – a design is printed on a material suitable for being outdoors in your garden for extended periods and this is hung on a pole or frame. The size, shape, and colour is up to you.

Why And How To Use a Garden Flag

There is a wide variety of reasons why you could add a flag to your garden. It can gain people’s attention, convey a message, and complement your aesthetic. To get the most out of your flag, there are several factors that are worth keeping in mind. These can include:

    1. Choose the most effective position. A great thing about garden flags is they are easy to move, so you can adjust their position until you are happy with it. 
    2. Change it up. Putting a garden flag in your garden does not mean you are committed to one style. Alternate between colours, message, shapes, and styles! You may want one covered in ghosts in October or pastel colours in spring – garden flags are versatile and multifaceted.
    3. Let the flags complement your garden. In many cases, garden flags are most effective when they do not take over your garden space. Dot them around in suitable spots so that nature is still on show.
    4. Choose the right materials for your area. The fabrics and poles you use should be appropriate for the climate, such as heavy rain, strong wind, sun, and snow.  

What You Need To Make Your Own Garden Flag 

Making your own garden flag is a project that lets you inject your creativity into your garden. There are a few items you will need, and these are generally easy to source. These can include:

  • Tough, weather-suitable fabric, such as canvas or burlap.
  • Decorations, such as spray paint, ribbon, yarn, or extra material to create shapes with. You could also use a stencil with pens or paint.
  • A sewing machine, or needle and thread.
  • Fabric glue or a glue gun.
  • Fabric scissors. 
  • Rust-resistant metal or wood pole or frame.

What To Do When Making You Own Garden Flag

After you have gathered your tools and materials, there are generally four core steps involved in making your own garden flag. These include the following. 

  1. Cut Your Material

Decide how big you want your flag. For example, you may choose to create a flag that is 14 inches by 20 inches. Add an inch so that you can create a hem.

  1. Hem Your Material

Fold over about ½ an inch at the edge of the material, and then fold it again. Sew this to keep it secure. Repeat this along the other sides of the fabric, apart from the one that will become the pocket your pole will pass through.

  1. Create A Pocket For Your Pole

Place the front of your fabric down so that you can work with the back side. Fold over the non-hemmed side once, enough to accommodate your pole. Sew this so that it is secure. You may want to repeat the line of sewing to make sure it is strong.

  1. Design Your Flag

Decorate the flag the way you want to! 

Making Garden Flags With Best Flag

At Best Flag, we have some great resources, design tools, and materials to make a fantastic flag for your garden. We also have the experience to help you create the perfect design for your space, and we can help you care for and store your flag so that it lasts as long as possible.

Our products are all customizable. You can use your own designs or the artwork and templates we have available. We can develop as many flags as you want and will ship them out to you as soon as we can.

Making your own garden flag is an exciting project, and one that we can help with! Contact us to find out what we can do for you or start designing your flag on our website.


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