How To Use Feather Flags To Increase Business Visibility

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custom feather flags

When you are in a commercial area next, actively acknowledge which businesses have grabbed and held your attention. 

Is it the clinic with a great website? The shop that has a regular presence on social media? What about the business that does local pamphlet drops?

These techniques are important and pivotal factors in marketing campaigns. In today’s technological era, not many businesses would not benefit from them. However, when it comes to immediate impact that sees potential customers identifying your business, deciding to explore what is on offer, and entering your shopfront, visual, eye-catching marketing can be hugely beneficial. 

Feather flags are an important promotional feature that can be great for attracting visitors to your business, particularly when it comes to foot and street traffic. Read on to find out more about feather flags and how they can help improve your business’ visibility.

What Are Feather Flags?

Feather flags are predominately used for promotional or directive purposes. They are shaped like a feather, hence their name, and are usually attached to a free-standing, vertical pole. 

At Bestflag, we offer five different shapes so that you can choose one that suits your aesthetic and space. They are constructed with durable materials and ink, and can be customised to cater for your size and colour preferences. Your flag can have a single or double-sided print.

Feather flags are typically used to convey short messages or logos, such as special deals, and store and product names.

Why Choose Feather Flags For Marketing Your Business?

When you are looking for an eye-catching way to create interest around your business, services, or products, feather flags can be highly beneficial. There are many reasons for this, which can include the following:


Our feather flags are customisable, meaning they can be developed to suit your style and target market and enable you to truly make the most of their potential. 

We also have different choices of poles and frames to suit your requirements. Our range includes options such as ground spikes, cross bases, and fence and tent mounts.


A great feature of our feather flags is they are light and easy to move. This means you can move their position around your property to accommodate for changes such as increasing foot and street traffic at differing times of day. You can also bring them inside when you close to avoid theft and intentional damage. We offer a convenient carry bag to keep your pole safe.

Simple To Use

Assembly and disassembly are easy with feather flags. All you need to do is put your pole together, then feed it into the pocket along the length of your flag. Next, connect the pole to your base, select the desired spot outside your business, and place your feather flag on steady ground. Done!  

To take down your feather flag, just reverse the process.


Our feather flags are designed to last. We typically use a 110g knit polyester material, which can stand up to various weather changes, and your design is digitally printed directly onto the fabric, allowing the colours to stay bright and clear for longer than transfers.


Our range is great value for money. We use high-quality materials and equipment to allow for longevity and an awesome looking product. We do not charge for set up fees on any of our products, including custom feather flags. You can choose to combine your feather flag in a kit that includes your choice of pole and a carry bag for simplicity and added value. We also offer stand-alone replacement flags and poles. 

Best Flag’s Feather Flags Can Lift Your Business Up 

Making your business stand out is extremely important for converting people passing by into customers or clients. Signage on your shop front and window displays might be eye catching, but taking extra steps to really draw people’s eyes to your service or products and giving them a precise message about them can be highly effective and add a great element to your marketing campaign. 

Contact us for assistance or explore the feather flag page on our website to begin designing your feather flag today!


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