How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Polyester or Nylon Flag

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Despite all our best efforts, just as with anything made of fabric, flags can get wrinkled. Even just one wrinkle can change the appearance of your flag, depending on its size and where it’s placed! And when you’ve spent so much time perfecting the image on your flag and what it represents, the last thing you want is a wrinkle messing up your flawless design! So, when the wind wins its fight with your flag, how do you get it back to its original condition?

This blog explains how to get wrinkles out of polyester flags and nylon flags. For further information or personalized advice, contact our knowledgeable team at BestFlag today.

Preventing Wrinkles

Prevention is key! When not in use, roll your flag around a paper core and store it in a cool, dry place. Rolling rather than folding prevents wrinkles from forming in the first place. That  means you’ll be able to use your flag straight away when you take it out of storage.


Getting Wrinkles Out of Your Polyester or Nylon Flag

Once you’ve got a wrinkle or two, it’s important to note the fabric your flag is made from. Polyester and nylon flags can be ironed with regular home appliances such as an iron, garment steamer, or even a hair dryer. However, vinyl flags will melt and warp with heat, so make sure your flag is made from polyester or nylon before using one of these methods.

Firstly, remove any poles from your flag.

Method 1: Iron

Drape your flag over your ironing board. Ensure your iron’s water reserve is full, and if not, fil it up. Turn it on to its lowest heat setting to avoid damaging the flag’s material, and slowly move the iron along the flag with medium pressure. Don’t linger too long on any one spot. When the wrinkles are gone, hang the flag up to let it cool.

Method 2: Garment steam

Hang the flag as you would normally with clothes you’re about to steam. Use your steamer as usual, applying gentle steam to the wrinkles to relax them and flatten them out.

Method 3: Hair dryer

As with other methods, ensure you use the lowest heat setting. Run the hair dryer along the flag from about 6 inches away, so it’s close enough to work but remain safe at the same time. Use a slow, gentle back and forth motion to smooth out the wrinkles.

Method 4: Hang it outside in the sun

Sometimes the simplest solution can be the easiest to overlook. This one depends on the weather, but if it’s available to you, it can be very effective! Lay your flag flat outside, perhaps on a table or a clean and flat area of ground. Make sure it will get sun and leave it outside for a day. Anchor the corners down so it doesn’t fly away!

Looking to Design Your Own Flag?

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