What Does a Black and White American Flag Mean?

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As a patriotic nation, we love to fly our American flags at every chance we get. After all, there’s no better way to show our pride and passion for our country. Red, white, and blue runs through our veins and have represented our national pride for hundreds of years. So if you’ve ever seen a black and white American flag— with or without a blue line— and been confused by what it means, you’re not alone.

This blog explores what all black, black and white, and black, white, and blue American flags mean. To create or customize your own flag, contact our team at BestFlag today.

Where Did Black and White American Flags Originate?

While there’s no official answer as to what the black and white American flag means, its origins are more clear. The black and white American flag originated during the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. It was created as an opposing symbol to the white flag, which symbolizes surrender. Confederate army soldiers flew the black flag to demonstrate they would not give in or surrender to the enemy. It showed that they would rather be killed than taken in as prisoner. However, despite its origins, this isn’t necessarily what the flag refers to today.

The black American flag is simply black and therefore makes it difficult to make out the stars and stripes. The black and white version is more distinguishable, but both are recognized as the same flag. Sometimes soldiers show respect for their country by using the black version on their vehicles, so that they can both show their pride without drawing too much attention with bright colors.

What Does the Thin Blue Line Mean?

The ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag is similar to the black and black and white American flags, but with a thin blue line running horizontally across it. The addition of the thin blue line represents support for the police. It also symbolizes acknowledgement of all of the officers who have died in duty.

During the Black Lives Matter movement, the thin blue line took on an additional meaning. The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ movement adopted the thin blue line flag as its symbol to support police officers as they faced opposition from the Black Lives Matter movement.



So What Does it Mean When I See a Black and White American Flag?

At the moment, it’s ill-defined. Many people disagree on what it signifies, meaning there’s no clear answer. Its usage has become more popular in recent years throughout political and cultural upheaval, and may become more popular over the years— time will tell. Only when enough people have agreed on its meaning will it become clearer.

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