Memorial Day Flag Etiquette and Protocol

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Memorial Day is an opportunity for Americans everywhere to take a moment to celebrate and remember the soldiers who have given their lives in service to our country. 

Memorial Day has been celebrated on the last Monday of May since 1971. It has a rich history of traditions and events to show support for our troops. Marching bands, parades, and festivals of all kinds are held to celebrate this day every year.

With this rich history, it comes as no surprise that Memorial Day has its own unique flag etiquette and protocols. Learning flag etiquette may seem complicated, but there are really only a few simple rules to follow. Memorial Day is just one of the days in the year when specific rules for flying the flag are observed across the country. 

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Flying the Flag  

On Memorial Day, flying the flag correctly is one of the best ways to show respect for soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty.

At sunrise, it is important to fly the flag at full staff, which means from the highest section of the flag pole. On Memorial Day, this position is only held for a moment before adjusting to the next position.

The flag is then adjusted to half-staff, also known as half-mast, until noon. Half-staff is when the flag is lowered from the full-staff position to about mid-way on the flag pole. 

If, for whatever reason, your flag is unable to be flown at half-staff, a black mourning ribbon attached to the flag is a great way to acknowledge and pay your respects for the day.

Once it has reached noon on Memorial Day the flag is then re-adjusted to full staff for the rest of the day.   

Respecting the Flag  

The American flag is a symbol of the nation. In addition to the different meanings of flag positions, there are specific ways the flag should be handled. Below are the major rules to follow when using the flag.

  1. Avoid placing the flag on the ground for any reason.
  2. Avoid using the flag as a cloth or to carry other items.
  3. Make sure the US flag is placed above all other flags.
  4. The flag should always be folded in the correct, triangular way when packing away.

While there are many different protocols and specific etiquette for handling the flag depending on the occasion, these are just some of the universal rules to always try to adhere to.  


Celebrating Memorial Day With the Flag

Memorial Day is a day when every American feels their patriotism rise.

If you are looking to celebrate the occasion, you may be interested in some of the different rules to follow when decorating with the American flag. The American flag and its image are powerful things that should be shown the appropriate respect.

  1. The image of the American flag should not be used as decoration on disposable items like cups and plates.
  2. The flag or its image should not be used as clothing, bedding or other items.
  3. The flag should not be used to advertise anything that is not the flag.

Though these rules may make it seem to be limiting, there are many ways to decorate respectfully for patriotic occasions like Memorial Day. Using color themes for decorations, red, white and blue, is a great way to show your enthusiasm. 

Similarly, using stars and stripes separately from the flag is a great way of showing your patriotism without using the flag's image outside of its intended purpose. 

Celebrating Memorial Day is a great way to express your love of this wonderful country, and these are some easy rules to follow to express that in the best way.


Memorial Day and the Flag 

Memorial Day is a day that is celebrated by Americans all across the country. Showing respect to our military forces and their many sacrifices across our vast history. The relationship between America and our flag is one of great importance when it comes to who we are as people today. 

With Memorial Day, the significance of using the right flag etiquette and protocol is more weighty than ever, showing our country unified with flags flying together across the 50 States.

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