8 Types of Custom Table Covers for Trade Shows that Stand Out!

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Trade shows are where businesses shine, and the table cover becomes the spotlight of your display. Forget the plain and generic look— it's time to embrace your brand’s individuality and make a lasting impression with custom table covers. Whether you’re looking for new members for your softball or baseball team, selling automotive equipment, or promoting your lager at a beer and wine festival, here are eight types that will elevate your trade show game!

This article describes the 8 types of custom table covers for trade shows that will turn heads your way. For personalized advice, contact our team at BestFlag today.

Types of Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers for trade shows, exhibitions, banquets, and other events are necessary in today’s advertising-filled world. 

1. Custom Table Covers

Your canvas for creativity! Custom table covers can be tailored to your specific dimensions and design requirements. They offer size, shape, and design flexibility, allowing your brand to stand out with a unique and personalized look.

2. Stretch Table Covers

Modern, sleek, and oh-so-stylish! Stretch table covers are made of stretchable material that hugs your table for a contemporary appearance. Easy to set up and take down, they provide a polished look that adapts to different table sizes and shapes.

3. Box Fit Table Covers

Sharp and professional, box fit table covers provide a snug fit over standard trade show tables. The tailored look exudes sophistication, making it a favorite for businesses aiming for a refined and well-put-together display.

4. Custom Table Runners

Long, narrow, and bursting with personality! Custom table runners are a great way to add color, texture, or a pattern to your table. Versatile for both formal and casual occasions, they protect your table while making a statement.

5. Deluxe Table Covers

Elevate your brand to luxury status! Deluxe table covers offer a premium look and feel. Made from high-quality materials and customizable with intricate designs, they scream sophistication and ensure your brand is remembered.

6. Stretch Crossover Table Covers

The crossroads of style and versatility! Stretch crossover table covers combine the snug fit of a stretch cover with a unique crossover design. This eye-catching feature sets your display apart, making it a talking point at any trade show.

7. Round Table Covers

Elegance in a circle! Round table covers are designed to fit circular tables, perfect for special events like weddings and banquets. The classic and sophisticated look of round table covers adds a touch of charm to your display.

8. Stretch Table Toppers

A touch of flair for your table! Stretch table toppers add a dynamic element to your display. Their stretchable material and stylish design make them perfect for businesses that want to infuse energy and creativity into their trade show presence.

The Differences Between Fitted and Custom Table Covers

Fitted table covers and custom table covers are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they refer to different concepts in the context of tablecloths. Let's look at the differences between fitted and custom table covers:

Fitted Table Covers:

  • Pre-made Design: Fitted table covers are pre-made tablecloths designed to fit specific standard table sizes and shapes commonly used in trade shows or events.
  • Snug Fit: These table covers are crafted to fit snugly over a standard table, providing a tailored and professional appearance.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric: Fitted table covers are typically made of wrinkle-resistant polyester or spandex, ensuring a smooth and polished look for the trade show display.
  • Ease of Setup: They are easy to set up and take down, making them a popular choice for businesses participating in events where quick installation is crucial.

Custom Table Covers: 

  • Made to Order: Custom table covers are made to order according to your specific dimensions and design requirements.
  • Flexibility in Size and Design: Unlike fitted covers, custom table covers offer flexibility in terms of size, shape, and design. This means you can choose unique dimensions and create a personalized look for your trade show display.
  • Tailored to Individual Needs: Custom table covers are great for businesses that want to stand out with a unique branding concept or require a table cover that fits a non-standard table size or shape.

How to Find the Custom Table Covers for You

Different types of custom table covers can be used in different ways, so it’s essential to understand the purpose yours needs to serve. Think about your business, the event, and your products— it’s all about finding the best match for your brand’s personality and the occasion.

For example, fitted custom table covers provide a professional look yet are easy to set up and pack down, so they’re often used at trade shows. On the other hand, round tablecloths are more often used for more formal events such as elegant weddings and bridal showers. Meanwhile, custom table runners can be used for both casual and formal events!

Ultimately, it’s recommended that you consider where and when you’ll be using your custom table covers and work out the details of the table cover itself from there.

How to Take Your Custom Table Covers to the Next Level

Anybody can create a custom table cover, but not everybody can make theirs stand out! To do so, you’ll need to consider:

  • The images: Using high-quality images with a high resolution will look sharper and clearer, enhancing the overall look of your business.
  • The size: Using a custom table cover that’s too big or small will portray a less-than-professional look— not the vibe you’re going for!
  • The colors: While sticking to your brand’s color scheme, ensure you choose attention-grabbing colors that appeal to passers-by.
  • Your contact details: This can be your website, social media handles, phone number, or a mixture— just ensure your potential customers know where to find you after the trade show ends!
  • Storage: Extending the life of your custom table cover is easy if you know how to. Make sure you clean it according to the instructions before you pack it up, and then fold it neatly and store it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and prolonged sunlight that can degrade the fabric over time.

The Benefits of Custom Table Covers

In a sea of competition, custom table covers are your secret weapon. They bring in customers by increasing brand visibility, providing a professional appearance, and offering a cost-effective solution. Easy to set up, easy to take down— your trade show experience just got a whole lot smoother.

Looking for Custom Table Covers for Trade Shows? 

As you begin to showcase your brand at trade shows and events, the importance of having a well-designed, printed, and fitted custom table cover will only become clearer! Whether it's the ease of use of stretch table covers, the elegance of round tablecloths, or the versatility of table runners, each type has its unique charm. With the wide range available here at BestFlag, your options are seemingly endless! Select wisely, care thoughtfully, and let our diverse range of custom table covers be the cornerstone of your brand's success at every event. 


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