Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

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Christmas combines so many great things into one special time of year. Spending time with loved ones, cozying up by the fireplace, watching cheesy rom-coms (or Die Hard)… it doesn’t get much better!

With so much to look forward to, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit early. And what better way to do so than to decorate your yard to welcome in the Christmas season?

This article shows you how every inch of your garden, yard, and exterior of your home can get into the festive spirit. For custom flags, Christmas garden flags, personalized advice, contact our team at BestFlag today.


Select Your Style  

One of the greatest things about decorating for Christmas is that you can inject your own style and personality into it. Whether you want to go traditional, minimal or want your house’s lighting display to be seen from space, there are options aplenty! 

Outdoor Christmas decorations can include:

1. String lights

Christmas brings visions of twinkling lights to mind, no matter their color. You can’t go wrong with traditional red and green, and you can even add some blue in for that little extra touch. Meanwhile, white or blue-tinged white lights create a snowy feel, while warm white lights make for a warm welcome to your home.


2. Wreaths

A classic wreath never goes out of style! And while the idea of a wreath may be expected, yours doesn’t have to fit the norms if you don’t want it to. You can choose one decorated with red and green baubles, golden ribbons, leaves and berries, or even make your own to put your own stamp on your street.


3. Color schemes and themes

Although we usually associate Christmas with winter, snow, and all things cold and jolly, this isn’t the case for all of us. If you live in the southern states, Hawaii, or anywhere the snow isn’t falling even when you’re begging it to, you can still welcome Christmas in style. 

Lean into your natural surroundings and go for a beach-themed Christmas with a surfing Santa, or use yellow and bright colors as your color scheme. And even if you do live in a winter wonderland, nothing’s stopping you from thinking outside the box and making Christmas your own!


Christmas Garden Flags

Wherever you live and however you choose to decorate, it just isn’t Christmas without Christmas garden flags. These are an easy yet super effective way to add a festive touch to your outdoor space during the season, marking the true beginning of festivities.

Christmas garden flags complement your other decorations well, as you can choose from a wide variety or even create your own so you can ensure your house is the most unique on the street. However you decide to use Christmas garden flags, you’re in for a treat! These flags offer:


1. Easy installation

The idea of untangling and hanging intricate lights can put a dampener on the festive mood. With Christmas garden flags, this worry is eliminated entirely! Depending on the style and size you choose, they can be as simple to set up as sliding them onto your stake.


2. Durability

With superior strength and durability and made from hard-wearing material, these are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. This means you can reuse your Christmas garden flags year after year.


3. Size and location variety

While they’re known as Christmas garden flags, there’s nothing that says they can only be used in a garden and nothing else! Not only can you place them in your garden beds but you can also place them along walkways, in potted plants, or anywhere else they can bring joy.


4. Seasonal designs

Images of Santa, snowflakes, and reindeer are classics, but they’re far from the only options! Choose one (or more) of these for your Christmas garden flag, or celebrate Christmas in a way that only your family can. At BestFlag, you can design your own and incorporate your family’s name, a picture of your dog wearing a Santa hat, and just about anything else that sets you apart. Go wild— it’s the silly season, after all!


Add Christmas Garden Flags to Your Decorations This Season

Christmas is that time of year when happiness abounds, and we all get into the decorating spirit. If you haven’t considered Christmas garden flags before, now’s the time to do it! 

They’ll set you apart from your neighbors and add a unique flair to your decorating style; plus, you can use them again and again. Start your new Christmas decorating tradition with a Christmas garden flag from BestFlag today!


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