Show Your Patriotism With a Custom Car Flag

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Car flags are an easy way to capture the attention of those around you everywhere you go. You can use your car to further express yourself, display your patriotism and pride, or even promote your business. When so many eyes are bound to be on your vehicle every day, why not make the most of the opportunity? Continue reading as we break down possible uses for car flags, design specifics, and some things to keep in mind when designing your custom flag.

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Boast Your Patriotism With Your Car Flags

The classic car flag is the national flag. It’s a timeless image of patriotism and national pride – the United States flag flapping in the wind as you drive down the highway. Plenty of people love to have a simple and understated way to appreciate their country and display their patriotism to those around them, and car flags are the perfect solution. They travel everywhere with you, able to snag the attention of passers-by without needing to be huge or in-your-face.

Using Car Flags to Promote Your Work

Car flags aren’t only here to parade the stars and stripes. You can custom design car flags to display and advertise whatever you might like them to. As you drive around your local area, you could have a flag actively promoting your business, event, or even your team. 

It’s all as simple as designing the flag and popping it on your car – just like that, you have free, on-the-go advertising that requires zero ongoing work on your end. Your design will feature the classic rectangular flag shape, fitted with a sturdy pole sleeve and hardware to mount on a car window with no hassle. With nothing but perks on offer, why not go for it?

Types of Car Flags

So, you want to design your very own custom car flag. The process truthfully couldn’t be any simpler, but there are still a few basic choices to make. One thing you’ll need to decide in your design process is which type of flag you want mounted to your car.

The first option available is a single reverse car flag. These are printed on a single piece of fabric, where the ink will fully dye the material. This means that your design is visible from both the front and back, though they will be mirrors of each other. The front image will be your design, while the back will be a reversed version of the front image.

Your second option is a double-sided car flag. These are made by printing two pieces of fabric and sewing them together with a blockout liner between them. The benefit of this construction is that your design image will be correctly displayed on both sides of your flag, making it perfectly visible from all angles. You could even choose two different designs, with alternative artwork printed on the front and back.

Go Custom for Your Flag Designs

Whatever you envision for your car flags, you deserve to have your artistic vision brought to life as specifically as possible. By working with custom flag designers, you give yourself total creative control whilst also benefitting from the advice and guidance of design experts. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all design program – give yourself the creative freedom you deserve by working with a custom flag design team that can make your finest details and artistic visions a reality.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of handling car flag design yourself. With the right program, you could be capable of artistic creations beyond your wildest dreams! There’s a reason the BestFlag team has worked so hard to create a flag design system that is accessible and easy to navigate for anybody, no matter their design experience.

Partner With Flag Design Experts With BestFlag

Here at BestFlag, we know everything there is to know about flag designs. From banners to car flags, we handle designs of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of clients. No matter whether you’re looking to show your patriotism or promote your business, our custom design process can help create your dream car flags. Start the design process today, and our BestFlag experts will be there to guide you through every step.


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