Using Garden Flags For Your Next Big Event

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Looking to get creative with your next party or work event? We’ve got the solution for you. Custom garden flags can bring an extra sense of style, professionalism, and even pride to events of all kinds. Outdoor parties, business functions, sports events – you name it, and a custom garden flag could very well enhance your guests’ experience.

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Garden Flags for Business or Event Promotion

Ready to spruce up your yard? A custom garden flag could very well be the solution you’ve been looking for. There are plenty of reasons to consider designing a garden flag. Maybe you’re wanting to show off your holiday spirit, boast your pride for your school or team, support a local candidate, or maybe you just want to elevate your home with some extra yard decorations. Whatever you design, your flag is sure to capture the attention of everyone passing your home or business.

One big reason people invest in custom garden flags is to bring some extra flair to your next event. Your upcoming garden party could be raised to the next level with some gorgeous custom flag designs, your sports team’s end of your celebration could show off your logo all across the yard, or your business party could look more professional and high-quality than ever with your branding all across the property. Whatever event you’re planning, your guests are bound to be impressed by your custom garden flags. 

Types of Garden Flags

Let’s talk logistics. Designing garden flags is a relatively straightforward process. You’ll be provided with all the dimensions and relevant structures, and pretty much everything else in terms of colors, logos, images, and general design factors will be up to you. One thing you’ll need to consider, however, is what type of garden flag you would be interested in creating. Here are the options:

Single Reverse

Single reverse flags are printed on a singular piece of fabric. In this process, the ink fully dyes the material all the way through. This means that your design is fully visible from both the front and back, but the images will be mirrored. On the front, you will see your image as you designed it. On the back, however, the image will be a reverse of the image on the front.

Double Sided

Double-sided flags are printed on two separate pieces of fabric which are then sewn together, with a blockout liner in between the two pieces. The outcome is a flag on which both sides display your image correctly, rather than one being reversed. This type of flag also gives you the option to print two different images on the front and back for added customization.

Custom Designing Your Own Garden Flags

You deserve total creative control when it comes to planning your next big event. If you want custom garden flags, then you shouldn’t settle for anything less than total artistic freedom. At BestFlag, we’ve made the custom design process as straightforward as possible. You have the option to download a template to guide your expert designing through programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, use our comprehensive online designer for extra simplicity, or even hand it over to our expert designers to take care of all of it on your behalf. 

Whatever your current skill level, we can offer a way to best support you in your design vision. After all, you deserve nothing short of your wildest design fantasies – and it’s simply our job to make that happen.

Design Your Custom Garden Flags With BestFlag

Got a big garden party coming up? A promotional event for your business or sporting club? Enhance your setup, promotion, and advertising with something as simple as an eye-catching flag design. Here at BestFlag, we handle custom flag designs of all varieties. If you’re ready to create garden flags to take your upcoming event to the next level, we’re ready to bring your vision to life. Start designing your flags today with our custom designer, or reach out to our team of experts to get all your questions answered.


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