Simple Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Santa is polishing his boots, Mrs Claus is servicing the sleigh, the elves are causing havoc in the candy cane production room, and a large house flag adorns the workshop proclaiming it’s the best time of year. That’s right - Christmas is approaching!

The last couple of months in the year make for a unique time. Not only is it a meaningful period of faith and family, but it is also a time when we can have fun with our outdoor house decorations and receive no judgement (well, perhaps a little…!). It is only now that it is acceptable - and highly encouraged - to have a giant inflatable reindeer teetering on your small suburban roof as it sings about its shiny, red nose.

Christmas decorations can be as out there or as subtle as you desire. It really comes down to your creativity and preferences. We have some great ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations we would like to share that are simple to produce and install at your place this year.

Add Christmas Cheer To Your Outdoor Space

Decorations make us happy. There’s nothing like twinkling fairy lights, dancing gingerbread men, and glitter that clings to the grass for the next seven months, no matter how many times you mow your lawn. They let us explore our imagination, welcome our loved ones, wish the neighbourhood a Merry Christmas, and tell Santa where to find us (don’t worry, he knows).

A great thing about Christmas decorations is that you can do all that simply and easily, without expense and stress (until you find the fairy lights haven’t untangled themselves since last year, at least). Some simple decorations we will be putting up outside this year include the following:

Custom Garden And House Flags

Having a custom garden or house flag displayed outside is a great way to show your festive spirit and send messages of cheer and compassion. If the outdoor area you are decorating is a community space, you may use your flag to share details about upcoming carol services or the children’s Christmas shows. At home, you may wish your personalised flag to inform Uncle Joe that the outdoor Christmas tree is not a climbing frame or Grandma Bess to not spike the eggnog.

At BestFlag, we have a wide range of options for you to create the perfect garden or house flag for your outdoor space. You can choose from different sizes and colours, and develop a digitally-printed, full-color design that is tailor made for what you want to put on display. Our standard material for garden and house flags is a 200D nylon, which allows for a flowing and durable flag. This can be printed with either a single reverse or double sided design.

Our custom house flags also come with a spinner pole that can be attached to a fence post or the exterior of your house or building. This sits at a forty-five-degree angle. The spinner poles are designed to avoid twisted and tangled flags by spinning when there is wind. Our default pole sleeve finish has an open top, which means that installation on the spinner pole hardware is easy.

The standard production time for BestFlag’s custom garden and house flags is four business days for orders of up to twenty-five flags. We can make as many flags as you require (there is no minimum or maximum), it just may take us a little longer depending on the quantity (magic elves are really hard to employ!).

Developing your custom garden or house flag is simple. You can either use our online tool and create your own design, or we can help create one for you as per your ideas and requirements. Just give us a call!

Wreaths And Garlands

Some traditional Christmas decorations that look great in combination with garden or house flags are door wreaths and garlands. These can be subtle or statement pieces and can be ready-made or handmade with your DIY creativity and on-hand supplies, such as green foliage, holly, and red berries.

Nativity Scenes

Creating a nativity scene can be a beautiful part of your outdoor decorations. You can put these together easily using what you have available to you, such as pots, crates, leftover timber, toys, fabric, and lights.

Garden Ornaments

Adding statues and figurines can be a fantastic way to make a cohesive outdoor display with your garden or house flag. Stores often have affordable options, and you can also develop your own, such as creating a wire or wooden tree adorned with tinsel and baubles.

Christmas Lights

Where would Christmas decorating be without lights?! Sparkling fairy lights, spotlights, laser lights, Christmas-themed pathway lights - there are countless options and they can be easily installed with the use of a few removable hooks or garden spikes.

Merry Christmas From The BestFlag Team!

We love Christmas time and if you are anything like us, you adore making your house look fantastic. There are so many simple options that can be created easily and affordably. We are excited to hear about and see what designs you want to create on your custom flag, and to help you bring your ideas to life!

We would like to thank you for your support this year, and to wish you a truly happy and safe Christmas with your loved ones. Here’s to a merry festive season!


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