Top 10 Famous And Creative Golf Flags

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What’s golf without a flag? Difficult, for one! Golf flags are integral to the game so that players can see the hole they’re aiming for and know where to aim their swing. And when you’re practising to become the next Tiger Woods (though you’re also aiming for less controversy), knowing where you’re headed is tip #1.

But also, golf without flags would just be plain boring! As well as being vital to the game and helping you to (hopefully!) come in under par, golf flags can be fun and creative and stir up a conversation between holes and strokes. If you manage a golf course, whether it be mini-golf or a sprawling estate, creative golf flags can make your course un-fore-gettable.

This article runs through the top 10 famous and creative golf flags from golf courses around the world. Once you’ve gathered your inspiration, head over to BestFlag to create your own personalized golf flag!

Tee-riffic Golf Flags

  1. My Math Teacher Said This Would Happen



At Dundonald Links for the 2017 Scottish Open, they made all of our worst fears come true: Having to do math. On the spot. In public. As an adult. Yes, each pin flag on the course contained a unique math equation! However, good golfers only need to count so high, so it all worked out in the end.

  1. St Andrew’s Links





The 18th hole at Old Course at St. Andrew’s Links saw some interesting flags fly in 2018!

  1. The Not-Technically-A-Flag Flag

 Creative pin flags


At Merion Golf Club’s East Course in Haverford, Pennsylvania, they take golf seriously. That doesn’t mean they’re sticks in the mud, though! Here their pins are topped with wicker baskets for a little something different. Since this flag isn’t a flag at all, it doesn’t blow in the wind, which means golfers can’t get a sense of which direction the wind is blowing. An extra layer of difficulty? Sure, why not! Anybody who wins at a USGA event here wins a wicker basket top, which is pretty wicked.

  1. Simple Yet Effective

 American pin flag


American golf pin flag 


Nothing says patriotism like an American flag, so why not put them up wherever you can? Flying in front of your home and business is a good start, but patriotic golfers take it a step further with their American flag golf flags.

  1. Perfect Man-Cave Décor

Man-cave decor flag 


Who said golf flags need to stay on the course? A simple golf flag says how much you love the game, and you can pin it up just about anywhere.

  1. Check Marks The Spot

 Golf pin marker


While we don’t suggest anybody break the rules of golf, the flags get a bit of leeway. Checked flags are usually associated with racing, but they work here too! 

  1. When There’s A Win, There’s A Wine

Wine golf pin flag


The Wine Valley Golf Club in Walla Walla, Washington sure know how to put their own stamp on things!

  1. Make It Your Own

DIY golf pin flag 


What more needs to be said? The Masters is a golf lover’s dream and needs a golf flag to match.

  1. Special Event Flags

Special event pin flags 


When raising funds for an important cause, this is a great way to bring attention to it.

10. Fan Club Golf Flags

Fan club golf flags 


Who doesn’t love a bit of memorabilia? Especially when it’s from one of the greatest golf movies of all time! This Caddyshack flag is signed by Chevy Chase himself.

May The Course Be With You

At BestFlag, our custom golf flags are fun and useful for any course manager, head pro, tournament director, or individual golfer. Design your own and use them daily on the course, for special tournaments and events, merchandise in your shop, or to commemorate a special trip like a bachelor party. If you’re ready to create your own golf flag, swing on over to BestFlag today!


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