Should I Choose a Single Reverse or Double Sided Flag?

One of our most frequent questions is “what’s the difference between a single reverse and a double sided flag?” Here’s our rundown on these printing options.

Single Reverse

Single reverse printing means that the ink prints/bleeds through the fabric to be visible from the back side, though the image is reversed on the back. If you think about a United States flag, when looking at it from one direction, the blue star field is on the left, but when looking at the back of the flag, it’s on the right. In either case, you still know what you are looking at, and unless a flag design has a lot of text (which we do not recommend!), the human eye can usually tell exactly what it is looking at from either side, even with the reversed image. Additionally, many single reverse flags are placed up against a wall, in which case the reversed image on the back is not a factor. About 65% of flags we print are single reverse flags, and this is our standard print method. 

  • Most popular option
  • Lightweight for maximum flag flyability
  • Similar vibrancy and clarity of the on the back side
  • Image or text is reversed on the back side

 Front and Back Examples for a Single Reverse Flag

Double Sided

Our double sided flags are printed twice and have a liner sewn in between the two prints, which ensures that images read perfectly from both sides. This option is great when it is critical for the image to be read correctly from both sides, or when different images are needed for each side. A sewn-in liner ensures that the front and back images don’t conflict with each other.  

  • Beautiful printing with identical vibrancy and clarity on both sides
  • Allows for different designs on front and back
  • Liner separates the two printed flag sides
  • Heavier flags, best for premium flags that do not rely on wind
  • More costly to print

 Front and Back Examples for a Double Sided Flag

Single Reverse vs. Single Sided vs. Double Sided

For different products, you may see our print sides options listed as single reverse, single sided or double sided. We do this so it is clear to our customers when a product is single reverse and the image is intended to bleed through to the back vs. something that is single sided, where either the ink does not bleed through at all or does not bleed through enough to make it a high quality, visible image. Single sided prints are great for banners which are often hung up against a wall, and those are the products you will typically see that option on. And, regardless of product, double sided prints will always be viewable from both sides.


The single reverse flag is a great option for most customers, and what we recommend for most applications, but there are definitely times where a double sided flag is the right fit! If you have any questions about which type would be best for your project, we would love for you to connect with us, and one of our team members will be happy to help you figure out which option works best for your specific situation!



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